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To set up as an instructor with ProTrainings, we need you to complete a couple of forms first. These are online forms and that you can get via the protrainings.eu website. If you log in at www.protrainings.eu and click on instructors, you will see as you scroll down the page, there's a section for becoming an instructor. And there's a map there which shows you the areas where our instructors are currently based. So, you can see if there are many instructors near you or if you're in an area where there are not many instructors, which obviously places you in a position of high demand. If you click on become an instructor, this will take you to the first form we need. This is where we find out the information about yourself. We'll have your home details and your business details and your details of what qualifications you've obtained.

The other form you need to complete is in the help centre. So, if you click back on instructors and then you will see you've got the red bar at the top of the page. To the right of it says help centre. And in the helpful links, there's a form which says new ProTrainings centre application. This is where you tell us information about the business. So, this is your application to deliver qualifications. So here we need to know what your centre is going be called. If you're not going to have a name for your centre, you just put in your instructor name and we can take it from there.

And then at the very bottom of the page, after answering all the questions, you are asked to pick a discount code. And there is actually a corporate code which links to your business. And here you will want to put in something like the UK so that we know that you're a UK company. And it will hyphen and then maybe the name of your business or otherwise, it will just allocate you a generic code, the next one on the list that it feels will be suitable. Obviously, if this is one that you wish to give to your future customers, then you might want to change it to something more suitable for yourself.