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At ProTrainings, we have different blogs for different reasons. The first one we're going to look at is the ProTrainings student blog. Now, with the ProTrainings student blog, this is aimed at any of the students who are working through courses. This could be for our online students, for your classroom students, or anybody else who wants to know the general provider level first aid. On the blog itself, there are different sections along the top here. It tells you about different sections, about us, the Blended First Aid at Work, Student First Aid, things like that. And as they go down, they can see the individual stories on whichever subject. Some of the stories on here are pure text stories. Other ones of the stories are video-based stories. Towards the right-hand side, you can also see different stories that are happening on our social media and any other thing, and news that is happening.

Now, the key thing with the blog here is the stories from this blog actually end up on the weekly emails. If people subscribe to the free weekly video email, they will see the video of the week, and then there are other stories under these. The top three stories appear on that as well. It's a good way of making sure that we keep communicating with people. Now, if you've got any stories yourself, you want to add it onto here, you can email that over to us and we can look at them and put them live. It would be good to have some stories about maybe some classes you've been teaching, things like this, and we can add them on here or add them onto any of our social media accounts.

The other site is more for instructors. This is instructor blogs. On this site, it's aimed at anything to do with being an instructor. From here, we add details of any instructor courses we've got, details here about a conference, PET courses, but also other news. For example, on this here, we've got a change that happened to the EpiPen. That news would go on there. There are other ways you can get this news. It's through our, announcement sections on the ProTrainings login. So, we'll put stories on here but also, if we think it's something that you need to be emailed about, then we'll also put the story on our announcements, which goes out to every single one of our instructors. You'll know if an announcement has come in, A, because it's in your inbox, and B, because when you log on to your dashboard, you'll see there's a little message icon and you'll see a number one, and that means we sent you another message.

With the blog, if you want to subscribe to either of these blogs, you can do and at any time there's an update to the blog, again, you'll get the notification. The third blog is the First Aid Show. Now, the First Aid Show we developed because we wanted to get more information about first aid, generally. What this is, is a video blog. It's available directly on the website, but also you can watch it through YouTube, through iTunes, or through Roku, the set-top pods. Now, the thing with the First Aid Show, there's quite a lot of coverage on it. There are massive amounts of people in the UK, but also worldwide. We do get a lot of stories, a lot of feedback come back from it. That's definitely something worth registering with. Also, it's something worth telling your students about because if they know the First Aid Show there, they might want to get more updates and also, they get access to videos as we launch them, and new subjects, some of which are outside maybe the subject you've been teaching.

With these blogs, it's very good to have them onto your, get people looking at them because it can link back to you and you can expand the amount of knowledge you give to your students, so have a look through on the First Aid Show. You see here, we got stories on the tourniquets when we had quite a lot of push within those when they came to their first aid, had lots of different stories that came through. And we have other stories on there which would link through to different medical things that are likely to happen.

With all the blogs also down the right-hand side here, you'll see social media shares. Now, it is a good idea and it will help us, and it will help you if you can share those. If you've got a story there you like, share it on your Twitter or onto your LinkedIn or Facebook. That way, you can link back to the story but also, it means that your students will have better access to more information. It saves you having to write all this stuff out. You just share it and repost it onto your social media and that works well. If you look on the side of this blog here, we got links at the right-hand side. There are also direct links to Facebook on the left-hand side of the page.