Embed your ProCourses listings and your star rating on your website to take online bookings

Do not forget, from your instructor dashboard, you can embed code in your website to then have all your courses listed automatically for the future on your web page. You can then have online booking on your site and manage your courses simply and easily from you instructor dashboard. You can also have your star rating listed as well showing the customer feedback on the courses you have taught and the video of the week. Google likes websites with video and links so this could help your web placement.

People book more when they can see dates and many book outside work hours or would rather just book online. With this added to your site you will increase your sales and improve the customer interaction.

This feature can be found from the instructor dashboard and selecting the widget tab. This will take you to the code generator. You simply select the time you want in advance and size or just leave it on the default settings then paste the code in to your website so you will also way have the latest courses you list live on your site.

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