Did you know that you could do the following, seeing as you are a centre with ProTrainings?

  • Share your scheduled/upcoming courses on your social media accounts. This is accessible from ProCourses.co.uk, under ‘course information’. 
  • You can hit the FaceBook and Twitter icon and it will publish on your sites. 
  • When you sell online e-learning courses, you can receive commission for every course sold by using your discount code. The more people that use your discount code, the more commission you receive. Commission is also paid for your existing and new customers. 
  • We have given every instructor our Data Protection course for free. You can access this via your dashboard. It is advisable that you complete this as it protects you and your business. 
  • We offer all instructors the opportunity to benefit from Day Rate, giving you extra experience and money. Contact dayrate@protrainings.eu 
  • You can advertise your upcoming courses on your website by using our widgets, specifically generated for you, accessible from your dashboard. 
  • We advertise you across our courses and social media to make your phone ring, increase your web traffic and increase sales. 
  • Listing courses for future dates will increase your web presence. The secret is to load as many courses in advance as you can so you have increased visibility on web searches! 
  • In addition to the ‘Student Evaluation –Form 2’ sheet that is given out at the end of every course you deliver, every student will receive an email to express their reviews and ratings of the course you have delivered. These results are shown publically under your account on ProCourses so please express this to your students. 
  • Look at the instructor dashboard, it is the most powerful course management system available to instructors and it is designed to make your life easy, compliant and increase your sales. 
  • There will be a conference later in the year to cover many subjects including the EFAW and FAW changes. Insurance is crucial within your business! 
  • Please make sure you have insurance and send over your details so we can attach this to your instructor dashboard. If you don’t have insurance yet, please let us know and we can send you details of an insurer we recommend. 
  • We offer leased purchase’s on first aid equipment to spread the cost. Please contact our supplies team on 01206 805380 to discuss further. There are many other courses you could teach, we offer over 200 classroom courses. 
  • Do you have social media accounts? If so, if you leave us a testimonial we can leave one on yours. We could share this on social media and link your company social media accounts publicly to all our followers. Please also send us your social media account details so we can follow & like your page. 
  • Take pictures of your classes and tag us in so we can promote you on our accounts. 
  • We supply free all the PowerPoints and course paperwork you need to be compliant. 

First aid student manuals are in English but also in Polish, Russian and Spanish. For more information call 01206 805359 or email support@protrainings.eu

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