Instructor Business Hint 13 - Use Free Student First Aid to Develop your Business

Student first aid is our free video online course which is available to all children.  It is being used in many schools, clubs, organisations and families to teach basic first aid to children.  The course does not just have to be given to schools but it can also be given to businesses to give out free to their staff, This can be a good way of giving something to a business and then maybe they will consider you for the rest of their training.

This course is designed to give all children an idea of how to deal and stay safe in an emergency and potentially how to save lives.  Why not help us to promote it and at the same time offer a little something extra to your customers?

If you want to make use of this excellent marketing tool that does not cost you a penny, we can set you up with a school dashboard, which is very similar to your instructor dashboard.  Offer the course to companies you already deal with or would like to supply, they can can pass it out to their staff so that their children can complete the training.  You can also give out a school code that is linked to you so anyone who uses it will get the course for free. In fact the more people who use your code the better.

You can also give the codes out to all people on your courses so they can give them to family and children to use.  This will give more value to your courses and therefore more repeat bookings and referrals.

Student first aid is free and you must not put any conditions to businesses or schools having it.

Another site you can use to give more information to your students is the First Aid Show.

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