Instructor Business Hint 14 - Keep up to Date

As an instructor it is vital that you keep up to date and you keep current.  The ProTrainings system will remind you of what you need to do and it will keep your Portfolio of Evidence up to date but you will need to check that you have added everything.  You can edit your portfolio to check that it includes all of your qualifications and experience.  Also you need to add manually any course you have delivered that is not certified through ProTrainings.  Keeping an up to date Portfolio is a requirement for all instructors. 

You can keep current by using and registering for email updates for our two blogs, and

It is important to always check that you are using the latest PowerPoint and forms.  The current PowerPoint and required course paperwork can be downloaded from the classroom page.  We highly recommend that you always set up the class and then download the forms and PowerPoint every time. General information about the course is now also available under the information button, this includes course hours, maximum number of students permitted, manikins required and other course specific notes.

If you get a call or email from our compliance department, it does not mean you are in trouble.  It is most likely that we are just completing a regular quality assurance check.  These are a requirement if you are making any mistakes, these checks will highlight them and the compliance department will provide guidance and ensure that you avoid making the mistakes in the future.  When you get these calls or emails, get back in touch asap.

Ensure you have a current FAW that is either regulated, Red Cross or St Johns. Our ProTrainings certificate is also acceptable for delivering our qualifications and Regulated Qualifications through TQUK.  Remember that under the rules (2015) if your certificate is out of date, even by one day, you are not allowed to teach first aid.  The ProTrainings system will remind you that your FAW is expiring soon.  Do not leave it too late before re-qualifing.

Remember to have your annual skill review completed in time.  This is a requirement of the HSE and Skills for Health.

We sometimes have instructor days where you can meet other instructors and get the latest updates.

If you have any questions or would like to become a ProTrainings centre, please contact us by email on, phone on 01206 805359 or use our online chat from most of our websites.

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