Instructor Business Hint 8 - List Courses and be Found

As a ProTrainings centre you have free access to an online booking and marketing system that many businesses would pay a considerable monthly fee to use. This system was designed to help our trainers to market their courses and maximise earning potential.  The system works most effectively when instructors list courses up to 12 months in advance as this dramatically increases the chance of the actual courses you are listing coming up on search engines such as Google.

To make the process easier we have a feature for bulk listing courses.  Consider listing courses such as AED, Family First Aid, Sports and Outdoor First Aid don't just list EFAW and Paediatric, someone searching for Outdoor First Aid is entering a very specific search and if you have this listed it is more likely that they will find your course. List courses for the next 12 months, don't list courses you obviously cannot teach, don't list a course every single day, or offer courses for an unrealistic price, instructors have done this in the past and cancel courses as they are not cost effective, if our system detects this practice the courses will be made non-viewable automatically. This is to protect all instructors in all areas.  If you are in any doubt, please call us.

When you list courses people and companies can find you on  your course will also appear on other pages of the site including the relevant course under the classroom tab,  they are even advertised on our online course page.  This means there are many places people can find your courses.  When people contact us by email, chat, phone or from social media we always refer them to ProCourses where there are courses listed.  We also refer them to the instructor search section.

There are some courses that can be taught together on the same day, For example you can list the following courses on the same date, for example Basic Life Support,  Basic Life Support for Dentists & Basic Life Support for Healthcare Professionals.

If you list other courses on the same day that cannot be taught together you can choose to run the one that you receive the first booking for, making sure that you remove the other listings you have made for the same day from the site.

Running 2 half day courses on the same day will help you to make the most of room hire costs, also consider running evening courses and evaluations from your home. Instructors have already done this and it has worked very well especially if you have a small number of people to evaluate or teach.

If you are running an EFAW think about listing an AED course to start immediately after, this may encourage candidates on the EFAW to add the AED and you can also book other individuals onto the course.

You can combine the EFAW with the 3 Day FAW,  the EFAW must always be the first day of the course and you must use the combined PowerPoint and correct paperwork for each module, but please remember that the you cannot under any circumstances combine the FAW 2 Requalification with any other course, it must always be taught as a separate course.

BLS and other evaluations can be added to run immediately after any courses, this may help you to receive additional income for very little cost.

Combining courses does take careful planning and you must ensure that everyone on the course knows what is happening.  These suggestions enable you to list more courses without setting too many separate dates, this will give you more coverage on the ProCourses site which in turn should generate more leads for you.

If you have any questions or would like to become a ProTrainings centre, please contact us by email on, phone on 01206 805359 or use our online chat from most of our websites.

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