Instructor Preparation - Online Blended Part 1

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Before we start this course, we will first look at what will be covered during the training. The course is divided into categories and in each category, there are a number of videos. You can pause and watch again any video of the course. We update our courses regularly and you will be able to see the replacement and new videos as they are released.

This may be an online course, but if have any questions during the course you can contact us on 01206 805359, email on or use our online chat on any of our online sites. More information can also be found on

You work through the course videos in order and we'll now give you a summary of what the course will cover:

Firstly we will look at first aid regulations and discuss the functions of the human body.

Then we look at, fears of first aid, scene safety, DRAB and ABCDs, how to use face shields, initial assessment and the recovery position, respiration and breathing and pulse points.

In cardiac arrest and CPR we cover many different subjects including; adult CPR, drowning, compressions only CPR, improving compressions and breaths and effective CPR.

Heart attack and stroke are also covered within this course along with adult choking.

Bleeding control is another category included in this First Aid at Work Course, demonstrating how to treat embedded objects in the body and how to deal with serious external bleeding. We also cover dealing with catastrophic bleeding control and the use of tourniquets and haemostatic dressings.

The final category within this course will inform you on subjects such as; strains and sprains, splints, dislocated shoulders and joints, eye, chest, abdominal, heat, cold and electrical injuries, asthma, epilepsy, febrile, bites, stings and other illnesses and injuries.

This course has approximately 6 hours’ of videos.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Learning outcomes are displayed here on each video
  • Where they appear on different courses they will be listed separately