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PractiMan Standard Manikin - Switchable from Adult to Child, two manikins in one

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Practiman manikin that adjusts as an adult or child manikin for CPR practice. With the regulations for 1 manikin per 4 learners, the Practiman saves you having to have a child and an adult version, saving money and space. Ideal for all training lessons as it offers a full feature manikin but at an affordable price. Available with or without a carry bag and as a pack of 4 in one bag.

This manikin is a light easy to handle manikin and comes with a carry bag/mat. We also offer a bag to carry 4 manikins at a time. The Practiman manikin is an easy to use manikin with only 4 main parts, making it simple and trouble free.

- Adult or child settings by the use of a simple switch on the back of the manikin

- Lightweight at only 2.2 kg

- Hygienic and easy to clean

- Exhaled air vents in the back of the manikin therefore does not blow back on next student therefore improving infection control

- Comes with five lungs and spare valves

Why not buy an extra pack of 10 faces, then each student can have their own face and you simply clean them in Milton (or similar) making the classes even better and more hygienic.