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Reusable Suction Devices

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Understanding Reusable Suction Devices

Dive into the world of reusable suction devices and learn about their efficient design, operational method, and maintenance.

Variety and Universality

Although available in myriad sizes and designs from numerous manufacturers, all reusable suction devices function on a uniform principle.

Key Components

  • Suction Catheter: A tube essential for the suction process.
  • Detachable Bottle: A component that can be disconnected from the main unit. Depending on the model, it might be disposable or cleanable.
  • Control Mechanism: Once the bottle is secured back onto the unit, activating the control establishes the suction mechanism.

Operating the Suction Device

The process mirrors prior methods:

  1. Commence with an airway-opening head tilt chin lift, ensuring visibility to the back of the airway.
  2. Insert the catheter mount as far as visible, employing a sweeping action during its removal from the mouth.
  3. Suction is optimal when kept under 10 seconds.

Post-Usage Procedure

It's vital to handle the post-suction contents as they are a biohazard. Safely discard the contents, cleanse the unit, replace with a fresh bottle, and store it properly, ensuring its readiness for subsequent use.


Reusable suction devices are a sustainable choice in medical scenarios. Their efficacy combined with proper maintenance ensures they remain a staple in medical kits.

Learning Outcomes:
  • FPOS Extended unit 2 LO3.3 and 3.4
  • IPOSi Unit two LO2.1 & 2.2