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Step-by-Step: Setting Up a Class on Your Admin Dashboard

Initiating the Class Creation

From your admin dashboard, simply click on the "create a class" icon. This leads you to a dedicated page where all the class details can be inputted.

Configuring Class Basics

1. Selecting the Instructor

By default, the instructor is set to the current user, but this can be changed as required.

2. Choosing the Course

Click on the course selection button and navigate through the list to opt for the desired course, such as "First Aid at Work".

3. Client Details and Dates

If the course is specifically for a client, note it down. Otherwise, set the course's start and end dates, for instance, the 30th of June.

4. Timing and Naming the Course

Set your course timing, say from 9:00 to 17:00, and name it appropriately, like "AP Village Hall" (AP for Appointed Persons).

5. Incorporating an Associate Instructor

If your course involves a secondary instructor, especially for larger groups, their details can be added. This ensures both instructors receive due credit.

6. Setting the Capacity

The default is set at 12. However, depending on room size and course type, this number can be adjusted. Ensure you don't overbook!

7. Public Visibility

By default, your course is advertised across our network. For private company courses, simply uncheck the public visibility box to keep it unadvertised.

8. Additional Information

Provide extra details like parking information, lunch provisions, and other specifics that aren't inherently present on the system.

9. Communicating with Students

You can send personalised messages to your students before the class, reminding them of essentials or providing additional information.

10. Location Details

Specify the class's venue. Our system will geolocate it, facilitating better advertising and ease for students.

Digital Certificates

Offer your students digital certificates, which can soon be stored in their Apple Wallet or Android equivalent. While mailing hard copies is an option, the preference is rapidly shifting towards the digital approach.


Creating a class on the admin dashboard is a straightforward process, offering vast flexibility. Always remember to keep track of the course dates, and if changes are needed, refer to our tutorial on course cancellations.