Updating your Portfolio of Evidence

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Updating Your ProTrainings Instructor Portfolio

The Importance of Keeping Your Portfolio Updated

As a ProTrainings instructor, maintaining an updated portfolio of evidence is crucial. Whether you've acquired a new qualification or simply need to refresh your contact details, it's essential to keep your information current for optimal communication and course management.

Steps to Update Your Portfolio

  1. Access your admin dashboard.
  2. Click on the management tab – represented by the distinctive orange icons.
  3. Select the portfolio of evidence option. From here, you can both preview and edit your details.
  4. Scroll down to view and update various fields. Here's what you can edit:
    • Personal contact details that might differ from your instructor form.
    • Expiration dates for certificates like 'First Aid at Work'.
    • Additional qualifications obtained outside of ProTrainings ITG.
    • Other relevant details and any information that showcases your experience and expertise.

Additional Tips

It's also helpful to:

  • Provide references or persons to vouch for your credentials and experience.
  • Share a bit about your hobbies – it adds a personal touch!
  • Note that courses you've taught with ProTrainings will auto-populate at the page's bottom, reflecting a record of your classes and their respective dates.

Finalising Your Updates

Once all changes are made, simply click on update your portfolio to save your updated information. Keeping your portfolio current ensures smooth operations and transparent communication between you and ProTrainings.