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Efficiently Manage Your Students on the Admin Dashboard

Overview of the Student Report Section

The Student Report Section on the admin dashboard provides an all-encompassing view of your students' data, ensuring efficient student management.

Features of the Student Report Section

1. Viewing Individual Training Records

Access a detailed record of every individual student that's attended your courses. To swiftly find a student, utilise the search icon.

2. Adding New Students

Planning on teaching a student in the future? Add them in advance, even if you're uncertain about their specific class.

3. Bulk Upload Capability

If you're collaborating with a company and have a large group to train, streamline the process by:

  • Bulk Uploading: Import multiple students simultaneously using a basic CSV file.
  • CSV File Format: Ensure the CSV contains first name, surname, and email in distinct columns. Optional columns for usernames and passwords can also be incorporated.

4. Full Roster and Training Records

Peruse the full roster to view every student you've taught. On the other hand, the training records icon offers insights into the courses themselves.

5. Modify Student Associations

If there's a need to disassociate students, especially when liaising with companies, you can seamlessly remove someone from a company's list.

6. View Testing Totals

This feature offers a consolidated view of the testing outcomes, assisting in student performance analysis.


The Student Report Section is your one-stop solution for efficiently managing, analysing, and adding students. Whether you're handling individual records or processing data in bulk, the dashboard simplifies the task, making teaching and administration harmonious.