How to Register as a ProTrainings Instructor

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Guide to ProTrainings Instructor Registration

Registration Overview

Whether you're a new or an existing instructor, registering with ProTrainings is a streamlined process. Let's delve into the details you'll need to provide.

Personal Details Submission

On the registration page, begin by entering:

  • Your home address and town
  • Date of birth - essential for regulated qualifications
  • Mobile number
  • Email address

Note: Your home address remains confidential and won't be displayed publicly.

Business Address Information

Your business address, however, is crucial for communication and for listing on our system. If you operate from home, list your home address under the business section as well. Rest assured, students won't arrive at your home for training. Your primary concern is providing accurate geolocation details to help us direct relevant course and lead enquiries your way.

Public Display Preferences

This section determines your visibility for skill evaluations. If you run a business, select "Yes". In-house instructors for companies might opt out of this visibility.

Additional Information

Further down, you'll find questions regarding:

  • Day rate work preferences
  • Blended skill evaluation pricing
  • Types of courses you teach

Answers to these questions help us tailor course offerings and leads to your specifications.

Equipment and Qualification Details

As an instructor, you're expected to have access to certain teaching tools, such as mannequins. Indicate whether you have these available. Also, if you've trained with ITG, link your ProTrainings registration to confirm.

VAT and Pricing Information

If you're VAT registered, this will influence how your course pricing is displayed, ensuring transparency for your students and companies. Additionally, specify the smallest class size you're willing to teach.

Certificate Delivery Preferences

We recommend choosing digital certificate delivery for convenience and efficiency. If students require hard copies, consider printing them yourself and charging accordingly.

Discount Codes and Rewards

Utilise the default discount code or create your own. Sharing this with potential students can earn you a substantial percentage from e-learning purchases.

Final Steps and Support

Once your username and password are set, and you've agreed to the terms, click 'Sign Up'. After registration, you might need to send over certain qualifications to Once everything's in order, you'll gain full dashboard access, complete with course materials and commission-earning opportunities.

Should any queries arise during registration, don't hesitate to contact us.