ProTrainings Referral programme

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ProTrainings Referral Program Guide

Introduction to the ProTrainings Referral Program

When establishing ProTrainings, our core goal was to revolutionise the e-learning market. To ensure that every instructor could seamlessly integrate and profit from e-learning, we introduced the ProTrainings referral program.

How the Referral Program Works

The ProTrainings referral program is versatile, catering to diverse requirements:

  • Purchase & Resell: Buy e-learning courses from us and resell to your customers.
  • Direct Customer Purchase: Even if the customer purchases directly from us, a unique code ensures you're recognised and receive a commission.
  • Discount Codes & Links: Distribute discount codes or utilise direct links and widgets from your site.

Accessing the Referral Page

To navigate to the referral page, simply scroll to the bottom of any ProTrainings website, such as Once there, click on the 'referral program' link to open a comprehensive window detailing functionalities like commission structures, marketing tips, and ad creation.

Creating Advertisements for Your Website

Using the 'Spread the Word' feature, you can generate customised adverts to integrate into your website. Every ad carries a unique referral code (e.g., xxxx), ensuring that every customer redirected from your site is attributed to you.

Customising Your Adverts

From modifying the design to changing the advert's size, the customisation tool ensures optimal compatibility with your website. Experiment freely – there's no risk of breaking anything!

Additional Features

Beyond creating adverts, the dashboard also allows the generation of discount codes, which we delve into in separate tutorials. Irrespective of the ProTrainings platform they're on, if a customer accesses and purchases an e-learning course through your referral, you're entitled to a commission.

Extending Your Course Offering

Our referral program empowers you to extend your course offerings to over 120 e-learning courses. In today's digital age, e-learning is increasingly sought-after. Capitalise on this demand by offering a vast array of courses through ProTrainings.

Collaborating with ProTrainings

If you acquire a significant client, partner with us for streamlined processing. By notifying us about such opportunities, we handle the intricate billing and payment procedures, ensuring you receive your due commission without the administrative hassle.

Support and Assistance

If ever in doubt or needing guidance, reach out to us. Our dedicated team is always on hand to assist.

For further enquiries or support, email us or give us a call.