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Guide to Selecting the Right Manikin for First Aid Training

Key Considerations When Choosing Manikins

The primary factor to consider is the number of manikins you'll need for your training session. As a rule of thumb, you should have one manikin for every four students. However, smaller group sizes, such as three students per manikin, can offer a more effective learning environment. This ratio applies to adult, child, and infant manikins alike.

Exploring Various Manikin Types

There's a plethora of manikin types available, ranging from full-sized to torso-only designs. At ITG, our collection spans from high-tech manikins equipped with advanced electronics to more basic models, catering to every budget and training need.

1. Brad Manikins

Renowned for their removable faces, the Brad range ensures hygiene during training sessions. Notably, these models allow exhalation from the back, preventing students from inhaling one another's air, making them exemplary from an infection control perspective. They've proven their durability over the years, making them a worthy investment for training institutes.

2. PractiMan Manikins

Among our top-sellers, PractiMan manikins stand out for their dual adult and child functionality. A switch on the back can adjust the setting, allowing trainers to use the same manikin for adult and child training. Their affordability combined with their functionality makes them a popular choice among trainers.

3. Brayden Manikins

A higher-priced option, the Brayden manikins feature a unique light system to visualise blood flow during chest compressions, enhancing the training experience. Despite being pricier, their innovative teaching aids make them a valuable addition to any training kit.

4. Little Laerdal QCPR Manikin

The Laerdal QCPR manikin offers integration with mobile devices to monitor compression depth and breath performance, adding a technological edge to your training sessions.

5. Child and Infant Manikins

While child manikins like the Brad Child Manikin are smaller versions of their adult counterparts, infant manikins such as the Simulaids and Laerdal models offer unique features catering to infant-specific training needs.

6. Sani-Man Manikins

These budget-friendly options use a lung bag for each student, ensuring hygienic training sessions. While some trainers might find them less realistic, they are undeniably efficient from an infection control standpoint.

Packaging and Storage

Most manikins come with a bag that doubles as a mat for trainees. You also have the flexibility to purchase PractiMan manikins in bulk or individual bags, allowing for easy storage of training tools and accessories.

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For a comprehensive look at our manikin range, visit Whether you're reaching out to ITG or Pro Trainings, we're here to assist you in making the best choice for your training needs.