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Understanding Day Rate Work for Instructors

Day rate work offers instructors a lucrative opportunity to earn by teaching courses for others. This guide helps clarify its ins and outs.

What is Day Rate Work?

Day rate work involves teaching courses on behalf of another instructor or through national contracts, where the management of training for a centre is overseen by ProTrainings. Here, the company finds suitable instructors to deliver the courses.

Opting for Day Rate Work

The choice to pursue day rate work is not mandatory. Upon registration or profile creation, you are prompted to indicate:

  • Your willingness to do day rate work
  • The distance you're prepared to travel

To maximize opportunities, it's recommended to set your travel radius slightly beyond your comfort zone. This ensures you don't miss potential assignments based on location.

Finding and Applying for Jobs

Jobs are listed on the main dashboard under the "Day Rate Work" icon. Clicking on this reveals all available opportunities. When interested in a particular job, use the plus button to view more details like pay, number of students, course type, and location. Acting quickly is crucial as many instructors often grab available jobs rapidly.

Getting Paid

For jobs associated with other instructors, they handle your payment directly. It's essential to clarify payment terms, amounts, and dates beforehand. Typically, jobs require you to have your own equipment, and most include travel expenses in the offered rate. ProTrainings usually process payments around the 1st and 15th of each month, contingent on timely billing submission.

Professional Conduct during Day Rate Work

While teaching a day rate course, you represent another instructor or organization. Thus:

  • Avoid wearing clothing branded with your business
  • Don't distribute your business cards or promote your services
  • Direct any inquiries from students back to the hiring instructor or company

Such professional decorum ensures trust and future opportunities within the system.

Completing a Day Rate Job

After successfully teaching a course:

  • Update all student information promptly
  • Mark students as passed, if applicable
  • Ensure all forms and data are sent to the hiring instructor

Remember, your access to specific class data is limited to just after the course completion, so swift action is crucial.

Listing a Course as an Instructor

If you want to offer a course to other instructors:

  • Use the "Finding the Instructor" feature on the main page
  • Provide all necessary details, including pricing and location
  • Review applicants and select the best fit for the job

Again, ensure mutual clarity on terms, expectations, and payment processes.