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At ProTrainings and First Aid Online we have a full range of different types of simulation limbs. So this particular one here is a leg, but we do legs, we do arms, we do full body and mannequins as well with different injuries on them. On the website,, you will see a range of some of the products, but also we can do bespoke stuff, so if you want more different injuries on the particular leg, we can do that for you as well.

This particular one here has got different injuries, we have a open fracture, a packable wound here, which is larger ones I mean here like a chainsaw cut, and then this is a different type of amputation, a bit bit more gruesome and we do straight forward cuts as well, if you wanted them. So depending on what you are actually after, we can do this. So you know, the more injuries you have on them, the more expensive they are. If you are using it in a training point of view, this is just ideal because you can look at one of these individual wounds, or you can lay this down by a casualty, and you can just simulate and vast their actual injury. As well as the range of human ones we also do a range of pet injuries as well, with a standard ones is a brown dog or a hasty dog, and we have also got some other specialist ones, if you want different things for different markets. So with these, have a look on the website, see what you are interested in, or if you want anything special then contact us direct on, or visit the website on