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First Aid Teaching Equipment

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Essential Equipment for First Aid Training

Understanding Equipment Needs

When teaching first aid, having the right equipment is crucial. However, it's imperative not to be overburdened by purchasing excessive gear. While some opt for a plethora of models and props, remember the practicality of transporting these items, especially if you're moving them across various locations.

Focus of This Guide

While mannequins, an essential tool, will be discussed in another video, this guide will highlight other necessary training equipment.

Standard Equipment Kit

ITG's Standard Kit includes all the fundamental equipment you'd need, from gloves, bandages, to even accident books and first aid kit samples. The kit contents list can be acquired through the course download area or by contacting us.

Key Components of the Kit

  • Personal Protective Equipment: This includes items like pocket masks, face shields, and gloves. Typically, one pair of gloves per student per course should suffice.
  • Bandages & Dressings: The primary dressing used is the HSE Dressing. Ensure they remain clean and replace them as needed. It's advisable to train using items found in standard first aid kits to replicate real-world scenarios.
  • Specialised Equipment: This can range from trainer asthma inhalers, glucose tablets available on the high street, to burn dressings and ice packs. Additionally, items like the Auto-injector trainers, including the Emerade, Jext, and EpiPen, enhance the learning experience, especially when discussing anaphylaxis.

Additional Equipment Recommendations

  • Cling Film: Ideal for demonstrating burn treatment. Opt for higher quality film for ease of use in a teaching environment.
  • Scissors: Shear type scissors are safe and versatile for various tasks, including cutting dressings or cling film.
  • AED Trainers: Teaching AED use is integral. The HeartSine 500 trainer, with its remote control capabilities and diverse scenarios, comes highly recommended.
  • Choking Vest: A unique and engaging tool to demonstrate the abdominal thrust technique safely.
  • Advanced Tools for Higher Level Courses: This includes items like the CAT Tourniquet, training arms for tourniquet demonstration, and hemostatic dressings like Celox.

Where to Purchase?

While you're free to source your equipment from various suppliers, we offer an extensive range at, boasting over a thousand products to cater to your training needs.

For more details or purchasing enquiries, please visit our website or get in touch with our team.