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What we are going to do now is look at digital tests. As you see down here, there is this one student's on the course. We've got this pro-exam now, this web address here, pro-exam, then numbers after it. That is if you want to just give the digital test code out to your students, you can just write that on the board, the students will go on. Now the disadvantage of that is that sometimes people do it wrong. It's and what you will find people will do is they will search it on the Google search bar and put a comma instead of a dot and things like that. So to make it even easier, we have put a QR code. So what you do is you click this button here, which goes and opens the QR code, opens onto a new window, and that will then appear on your screen. And you just ask your students to take their mobile phones or tablets or anything like that, open up the camera on that, point it to the QR code, and then they can just hit the button and it will open up a page on the website. And then you can see it there, just get rid of the cookie item on there and enter their name. So what we need to do here is put the person's name. So we are going to put Fred and then we are going to put Smith.

And as you go down here, they just need to agree to that. They also need to put a pin number, this is just so that one student can not log into another student's account. So let us just make it easier and just put this as 1234. You know, it's not anything that's going to be kept on our system, it's just for the duration of the exam. So what it's done now is come up with the test and the students will then work their way through the tests. So if we now look back on the main screen, so as we go through here, you see this gray box here, it's now put his name in. So this shows here that Fred Smith is doing his exam at the minute. So he will stay in that box until it moves over to completed or it needs to be reviewed.

Now, if he has not passed the test, it will go up to the top box and if he has passed, it will go into the bottom box. Now this box here, this gray box is auto refreshing, so you do not need to touch your screen. Soon as it hummed, within a few seconds, you will see his name will move. Now you will see his name move onto the completed, but it will not show on the main screen, because we are not refreshing the entire page. You will, when you finished everybody, you need to re-fresh the whole page. When is in there, if he did not pass, you will be able to access directly. You can click this name and that will go through and you can give feedback and give him a different test. Now, with all of our tests, there are different tests. There's A, B, C, D tests on the system and also all the questions are mixed up.

So just because you have got two people on test A, does not mean that their question one is the same. So it just makes it as easy as possible to ensure that the exams are very, very good and safe. So for now, he will go through that. So as an instructor at this stage, you will have all your students in the middle there, they are running through it. You will see them drop into the bottom box when they have passed. And then, any reviews, you can just do it. Now, the advantage of this will be, is if someone does not pass, you can send them a message directly through the system, give them the help and then go on to the second test. So the hope is, the person who hasn't passed, maybe no one else would know they have failed. Whereas, with the paper test, then that would be the case.

So I have gone through the main test on the mobile phone. And then what we will do is we will also, put here, look at the last question here. And obviously the right answer should be applied direct pressure. So we are going to just put that as a tourniquet and then we submit the test. So what will happen, and remember this on the mobile phone is what the students are going to see. So now it tells them they have passed with 92% and it will also identify the questions they got wrong. So here you see that question we got wrong at the very end. This is really important because when you are looking at the information, students are looking at what they have done, you might have passed with 92%, but another way of describing that would be "He has failed at 8%." So by telling him what that answer is, then he can make sure it's right, so they can read it and see, "Yeah, that is okay."

So what they then do is they would hit the "I accept button". And the reason they do that is to confirm that they are happy with that answer. If there is a problem with it, then that student can talk to you about it. So here, we will just hit the "I accept button". That will then go onto the next one, which is the course evaluation. So they can just fill in this course evaluation as well and that will go directly against your record. And it's all digital. So in the old days of paperwork, we would have to fill all this in paper, you would have to collect it in and upload, whereas, all this information is kept digitally.

And see at the bottom there is two areas there, you can have a message directly to instructor, so anything they want to send to you on the bottom bit will be live on the website. So that works really well, because you get some really nice things said about you. So putting that back down, if you go back to the main screen, you are seeing this gray box, Fred Smith's now gone to the completed box. So assume this course only got one student on, and if you see him on the right hand side here, it says he is incomplete, yet we know he is complete. The reason for that is because the page has not been refreshed. So what we will do now is just refresh that page.

And now you see he has passed. The pass rate's on there. All the information is there and it's all ready to go. Now this is to set up this dashboard here. It's based on where you are actually paying for individual certificates, with our subscription-based system, you would not have to do that. So what you then do is this, you hit the tick in the box there to pass him. And then you just go, mark students who've passed. And see there, the £40 of credit was not actually reduced for the people who are doing the old fashioned way. And then it says pass. So here we have got all the details, we have got the renewal dates, all the information is along here. And then those certificates will be processed in our end so that, you know, you would then get those digitally come through to you and fairly quickly to say that the students have passed the course.