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First Responder On Scene Level 3 Course

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FAQ Level 3 Award: First Response on the Scene (FROS) Course

An Introduction to FROS

The FAQ Level 3 Award, also known as the First Response on the Scene or simply abbreviated as FROS, is a comprehensive blended course designed to enhance your first aid expertise.

Course Structure

The FROS course is split into two pivotal segments:

  1. Online E-Learning: This initial section is delivered via video-based e-learning. It covers crucial theoretical components and takes around 14 hours. The flexibility of the online format allows you to pause and resume, tailoring the training to fit seamlessly around your schedule.
  2. Classroom Training: Spanning four days, this immersive segment focuses on practical learning. Here, you'll master advanced techniques such as mobilisation and advanced airway management. Additionally, you'll participate in emergency scenarios orchestrated by your instructor.

Group Training Opportunities

If you represent a group requiring this training, we offer the convenience of sending a tutor directly to your training rooms. For bespoke group arrangements, simply reach out to our course department for further details.

Who is this Course For?

This meticulously crafted course aims to elevate your casualty care expertise, taking your first aid proficiency up a notch. It's perfectly suited for:

  • Individuals aiming to deliver immediate emergency care.
  • First aid instructors aspiring to deepen their knowledge.

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