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Personalised first aid kits

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At First Aid Online, we run a range of personalised first aid kits. There is a very small minimum order for them and what you can do is, you could turn any of our range of first aid kits into your own ones. So whether you run a first aid training business, whether you run a company and you want your own logos, bits and pieces on the kits, or any other reason, we can adapt these for you.

So the kits themselves come with all the same contents and all the bits and pieces, in all the titles we have, whether it be burns kits or first aid kits or specialist kits, or our pet first aid kits. We can own brand these all for you. The way we do them is we take off all our identification, apart from the product number. We can supply them with or without a bar code. If you wish a bar code, we can do that as well. And you pop your logo up at the top... So here. Or, sorry, at the bottom on this particular one, your logo goes down here. And on the others, you can put them on the front, so we have a logo at the top. On the back of the unit, we again take off our QR codes and all of our details and you can have your name, address and details on here and again your logo on here. So the only identifying product for us is the product reference number, because we need that to order.

But we can... If that is a problem, we can actually make these with your own product reference numbers should you wish to, or your own bar codes as well. So, the product range here, it is very small and minimal, though we have tried to keep it that way, to make it flexible for everybody. So the minimum order is only around about... Depending on the actual kit, around about the 4 to 10 products. But it does depend a little bit on which kits you are going for, but you can also mix and match that a little bit. So, if you want 3 of one and 5 of another, that is absolutely fine as well.

When we order these, to start with, it will mean we need a high quality copy of your logo and this is really important. We do not just want a copy off of your website of your logo. It must be an original, high quality, logo. Until we have got that, we cannot produce the text on it. And then also we need the details on the back, so we need what name, contact details or anything else you want on there. But otherwise, all the standard labels will stay the same, unless you want to have a completely bespoke system, we can do that, depending on quantity, that is, so there are larger order numbers if you want those. So, whichever kit you want here... As well as these plastic type boxes, we also do do personalised kits and soft pouches and a whole range of those as well.

If you want more information on any of the personalised first aid kits, contact us and we can send you more information.