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Lifesaver kits

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Pro Trainings Lifesaver Kits: The Ultimate First Aid Solution


At Pro Trainings, we have pioneered the development of two lifesaver kits designed for optimum portability and maximum emergency preparedness.

Lifesaver Kits: The Concept

The central idea behind the lifesaver kits is to provide a compact, easily transportable bag filled with essential first aid tools. Whether you're on a mountain rescue, hiking, or boating, these kits ensure you're equipped to tackle severe emergencies.

Kit Variants

  • Standard Kit: Includes the CellAED, an AED prep kit, and a catastrophic bleed kit. Perfect for addressing cardiac arrests and major bleeds.
  • Ultra Kit: Features the same components as the standard kit, but with additional items like chest seals, a packable Woundclot, and an integrated conventional first aid kit. This comprehensive kit offers everything one might need in a crisis.

Comparative Analysis: Backpack vs Lifesaver Kit

While traditional backpack AEDs contain a plethora of items, the lifesaver kits encapsulate the essentials in a much more compact form. The adaptability of these kits is unparalleled; while they come in initial cases, a new range is soon to be released. Plus, bespoke designs can be ordered.

Customisation Options

  • Change in kit content according to preference
  • Logo and label customisation (subject to minimum orders)
  • Specialised kits for more trained individuals with features like airways

Why Choose Pro Trainings Lifesaver Kits?

These lifesaver kits redefine first aid convenience. With their compact design and comprehensive content, they are true game-changers. Now, one can carry all necessary first aid equipment in a small pouch, ensuring that life-saving tools are always within arm's reach, no matter the severity of the situation.