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Completing Your Free Online Courses From ProTrainings

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Guide to Accessing Free Online Courses for Instructors

Understanding Course Frequencies

As an instructor with us, there are several free online courses you must undertake. Their renewal frequencies vary:

  • Annually: Certain courses need to be refreshed every year.
  • Three-yearly: Others require a refresher every three years.

Navigating to the Right Dashboard Section

To find and begin your courses, proceed to the training section of your dashboard. It's vital to note that these courses are not in the admin section.

Available Courses and Renewal Periods

Data Protection: This course is crucial for safeguarding sensitive information. Click 'Begin' to start. Remember to renew this every three years.

First Aid at Work: Keep your first aid skills sharp and up-to-date. Refresher courses are also available to ensure you remain at the forefront of first aid techniques.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED): Equip yourself with the knowledge to operate an AED effectively and increase survival rates in emergency situations.

In Conclusion

Staying updated and refreshed in your training is crucial. Regularly check the training section of your dashboard to ensure you're completing all necessary courses and staying compliant.