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We are now going to look at the Partner Dashboard. Now, from the top menu, what you will see is an icon that says, "Partner Dashboard". When you click that. Now, what this is about is how much money you have earned on commission. So this is your way of seeing live data on how much commission you have earned and how much leads you have got. Now, this is a demonstration account, so there is no figures on here, but we will go through how it works. So what you can see on here is the affiliate reports. The top is just an overall summary and then down here, you got the individual months. So you got the current month, and then the previous months to that. The first column here is, clicks. These are people who... How many people have actually clicked the link. Now, this would be where you are sending over a link on a course with your affiliate code in. Or if people are using the widgets that is on your website. So if you are using the course catalog widget, you will see they will click there. Also people are using codes and that will come up in there as well. Signups are the people who have actually signed up onto the system, but have not yet bought. And the purchases are the people who have actually bought.

So you will see that people do sign up for courses, but they do not necessarily go on and buy them straight away. But once they have signed up, they are going to log in, so it may well be they do not start, they actually just buy the course this month, but they might buy it next month. So the figures are there and the purchases are what you are actually earning money. And then the earnings column is how much you have actually made that month. Then what you can then do once is also to click this button here, the actual month where it is in blue and that will show you all of the individual sales. So you will be able to see all the types of courses. So if you set this up, their main is a pet system, you will be surprised to see how many other subjects people do buy. Because once they are on the system, they are doing a classroom course with you, they might go on and buy another course, so it's a very straight forward system. Also it will show you your unpaid balance, just up here, now that figure, we pay out when it gets to 50 pounds, so we do not pay out before that, because it won't take long for you to get up to that level.

And what you do is you need to claim it, but you must send us a proper tax invoice for that, so it must be an invoice with your full details on, there must be a sequential number system into it, it must have our full name and address and clearly state the amounts, what it's for. If you are VAT-registered, it must also have your VAT number on and also clearly all the VAT data. And also your bank details and we only pay by bank transfer, so we need to have your bank details and the name of your account. Now, you are a business and we are a business, so we must make sure that this is correct, so if we get incorrect invoices, we cannot pay them, you have to redo the invoice. So make sure you do invoices correctly, we have done a separate video on how to actually raise an invoice, so just make sure they are correct on that level. Also make sure that we are paying into the right account, so you cannot have a business name on the invoice, yet it is going in a personal-named account, so just set up a business account to keep it clear.

So on this, you will see all the historic data, it is all electronic, and there's nothing hidden from you at all, and you can see the data on there, and your balance on there would just carry on that and just keep going over and just increasing as more and more people sign up. Now if you need more help on actually selling e-learning, you can get in touch with us, because it can be quite a nice easy way of adding more courses onto the platform. It is definitely something that is worth mentioning to students on course. And some companies send leaflets or codes or in your post-course email, just send them a link, so that they can maybe just click that link and have a direct access onto our platform and therefore to buy your e-learning courses. Because someone might be on your course doing a Pet First Aid course, however, they need training for their 100 staff at work, so it could be quite useful to get more sales that way.