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Teaching a blended course

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Teaching a Blended Course with ProTrainings: Step-by-Step Guide

Getting Started: Setting Up the Class

Teaching a blended course starts with class creation. For our demonstration, we've set up a test class titled 'Paediatric Part Two'. Always ensure you're setting up the Part Two and not a full paediatric course. This principle applies similarly to courses such as FAW and eFAW.

Managing Students: Adding and Tracking

Once your class is set up, the next step involves adding students. There are multiple methods to achieve this:

  • Bulk Upload: Suitable for adding multiple students at once.
  • Manual Addition: If students have already completed the e-learning segment, click 'Add Students' and choose 'Add Existing Student'. Input the student's name, search for them, and they should appear. This ensures their e-learning is tied to the practical session.

Tip: Avoid creating duplicate records. Always tie the student's e-learning to Part Two for seamless record management.

Conducting the Practical Session

Ensure you're equipped with the right materials and knowledge:

  • Utilise the Blended Part Two PowerPoint – not the full course.
  • Be well-acquainted with the session's duration and required equipment.
  • Remember, students are familiar with the theoretical aspects thanks to the e-learning segment. Your role is to teach and assess the practical applications. For instance, while they know the theory behind using gloves, you'll assess their practical capability to put them on.

Digital Testing: Efficient and Seamless

At the end of the session, students can take their test digitally. A QR code is generated, which they can scan to commence the exam. Additionally, they can complete the course evaluation on their mobile devices.

The instructor's dashboard updates in real-time, showing students' progress. If a student faces issues with the QR code, manual input is available. The key is to ensure all students transition from 'In-progress' to 'Completed'. If a student fails, instructors can easily resubmit them for a retest, maintaining confidentiality.

Additional Features for Simplified Management

ProTrainings offers tools to make the course management even more straightforward:

  • Direct Sign-up Links: Students can sign themselves up, streamlining the registration process.
  • ProTrainings Classroom Widget: By integrating this widget into your website, you offer a seamless booking experience. Students can register, purchase their e-learning course, and you can monitor their progress directly from your dashboard.


The ProTrainings platform provides a comprehensive and user-friendly approach to blended learning. From setting up classes to assessing students digitally, each step is designed for efficiency and effectiveness. For further assistance, always feel free to reach out to us.