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Manual Handling Instructor

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Manual Handling Instructor: Your Pathway to a Rewarding Career

Introduction to Manual Handling

Also recognised as Safer Moving and Handling, manual handling training is imperative in numerous workplaces, making it a lucrative course to offer.

Why Opt for Manual Handling Training?

Every workplace necessitates first aid training as per their risk assessment. However, the demand for manual handling often surpasses that, as numerous employees require foundational training in this domain. Consequently, this course not only offers higher returns but also presents significant sales potential.

Prerequisites for Teaching Manual Handling

To venture into teaching manual handling, the following are essential:

  • Level 3 Health and Safety: We provide this requisite qualification.
  • Relevant Teaching Qualifications: If you're already affiliated with us and possess the AET (Award in Education and Training) or a higher qualification, you're aptly poised to embark on this journey.

Comprehensive Training

Our structure facilitates a smooth learning journey. Commence with a one-day Manual Handling Instructor course. Thereafter, if you've yet to secure the Health and Safety qualification, you can merge it with this course. Day 1 focuses on Manual Handling, followed by two days dedicated to Health and Safety Level 3.

Teaching Opportunities

Upon successful completion, you'll be equipped to provide training under both ProTrainings and regulated qualifications. Note: For regulated qualifications, it's imperative to ensure you meet the necessary prerequisites, but typically, this shouldn't pose any hurdles.

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