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Setting up a centre

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How to Set Up a ProTraining Centre: A Comprehensive Guide

1. Registration as an Instructor

To start, ensure you are registered as an instructor. We offer a guide on how to complete this process with ProTrainings separately.

2. Application Form Submission

After registration, navigate to our website to complete the centre application form. The form will ask about your:

  • Contact Details
  • Experience
  • Existing centres (if any)

Complete and digitally sign the form, which is then forwarded to our compliance department.

3. Updating Your Portfolio of Evidence

It's essential to have a current portfolio. After logging in, click on the icon indicating 'things you need to do' and update accordingly. Include all pertinent details, especially if you're a new instructor.

Providing Additional Information

Consider adding relevant experience, such as past roles as a first aider, sports involvement, or any other related activities.

4. Submission of Certificates

Forward PDF copies of your certificates via email to or directly through our site.

5. Including Additional Instructors

If your centre will have multiple instructors, ensure all are registered, portfolios are submitted, and certificate copies are provided.

6. Payment Details

Payments can be made online, over the phone, or through bank transfer. Registration is £250, with £175 credited back for certificates. Multiple instructors can be registered under a single fee.

7. Centre Approval

Post-registration, our team examines all documents, followed by a compliance meeting to review each application. Successful centres will have their dashboard updated to "approved" and can then access various benefits with ProTrainings.

8. Continuous Quality Assurance

Regular quality checks are conducted to ensure compliance. Inspections include course material reviews and physical site visits.

Understanding the Role of Compliance

Compliance is a supportive tool, not a punitive measure. Its primary goal is to ensure instructors follow the necessary guidelines. We provide the resources, ensuring a more manageable, profitable, and enjoyable centre experience.

Final Thoughts

Setting up your ProTraining centre is straightforward. By adhering to these steps and maintaining open communication with our compliance department, you're on your way to a successful training journey with ProTrainings.