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Student dressing packs

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Student Training Packs Overview

A Tailored Approach to First Aid Training

Discover our bespoke student training packs, each thoughtfully crafted with essential dressings and items needed for varied courses, all securely stored in a self-seal bag.

Types of Training Packs

  • Standard Kit: Perfect for most courses, including FAW-type. Contains basic essential items to ensure student safety.
  • Deluxe Kit: Suitable for advanced courses such as first aid at work. Comes with an added iPad and a crepe bandage.
  • Pet First Aid Kit: Designed specifically for pet care courses, equipped with cohesive bandages, HSE dressing, and more.

Emphasis on Safety

The primary aim of these packs is to mitigate the risk of infections. Each student receives a unique pack containing dressings, slings, gloves, and a mannequin face shield to uphold hygiene standards between different students.

Label and Personalise

Every pack has a label with space for students to write their names. On course commencement, students can mark their packs, store their materials, and ultimately take the packs home. A standout feature: for orders of 50 or more packs, we offer custom branding with your company details – name, phone number, and website.

Additional Order Options

For those requiring face