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Personalised pouches

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At First Aid Online, we offer a full range of personalised pouches. So here is just a sample of three units we have got and these are all pet first aid related. But we have our standard pouches and this would be delivered with our details, but we can actually personalise these to you. So all of the text within this section here could be your text. Same with this one, which is a bumbag version of the same type of bag for first aid kits, but this would be ideal for absolutely anything you want to keep spares in. An example of this is one we have done here. So the bag is the same, it is just that on the here, we have got a completely different logo on. So with these bags, there are areas that we can and cannot print on. So with this, we need to keep the printing within set parameters like we have got on these ones. And this one is the whole area. And this is just three types of bags that we have got here. There is a whole range of other ones. There is lots of different colors. They are right up to large responder bags, right down to little key rings. So if you need to know any more information about getting bags personalised, there are subject to orders with these to a minimum order. It depends on which bag you are going for, but they are often around about 100 units. For more information on personalising any of these pouches or plastic boxes, please contact us at First Aid Online.