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The ProTrainings Award Scheme

Introducing the ProTrainings Award Scheme

At ProTrainings, we've inaugurated an award scheme to honour those who've showcased exemplary skill and commitment in first aid and health and safety. This initiative aims to recognise individuals who've effectively utilised the training they've received, potentially saving lives or minimising accidents.

Nominating a Deserving Candidate

Whether it's an act of courage in administering first aid, or a remarkable contribution to health and safety, anyone can nominate a deserving individual for a ProTrainings award.

How to Nominate

It's a simple process:

  1. Visit our online portal.
  2. Register your details.
  3. Provide information about the nominee, detailing the act or contribution that warrants recognition.

Examples of Nomination

An instructor, for instance, could nominate a trainee who has effectively applied CPR in a real-life emergency or dealt with a severe injury. Likewise, an instructor who's gone the extra mile in training can also be nominated.

Categories of Awards

We offer awards spanning various categories:

  • First Aid Awards: Recognising outstanding actions in first aid scenarios.
  • Health and Safety Awards: Acknowledging notable contributions to health and safety matters.
  • General Awards: For commendable efforts in related fields.

Note: All ProTrainings awards are completely free.

Make Your Nomination Today!

Champion the heroes among us. Visit our website as indicated and nominate someone deserving for one of the esteemed ProTrainings awards.

For additional information or to make a nomination, please click here.