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ProCourses: Your Comprehensive Course Finder Platform

Welcome to ProCourses, where your courses are prominently showcased for maximum visibility and engagement.

Understanding ProCourses

ProCourses serves as a dedicated platform for advertising and locating courses. With an intuitive design, you can easily list both classroom and virtual courses, making it accessible for learners everywhere.

Searching for Courses

Users can swiftly identify their desired course by entering keywords, such as "FAW", and a location, e.g., "Colchester". Upon hitting the search button, a list of relevant courses within the specified geographical radius is presented.

Diverse Course Listings

When users input a term like "FAW", the system fetches all related courses, including:

  • First Aid at Work
  • First Aid at Work Blended Part Two
  • Equestrian First Aid at Work
  • Forestry First Aid at Work

For a comprehensive search experience, the platform also recommends related courses in the vicinity, such as "EFAW", ensuring users have a broad spectrum of options.

Adjusting Search Parameters

The default search range is set at 50 miles, but users have the flexibility to reduce this to 25 miles or their desired radius. Modifying this criterion can yield different courses within the chosen area.

Detailed Course Insights

Each course listing provides essential details such as:

  • Course dates
  • Available seats
  • Pricing (inclusive or exclusive of VAT)
  • Ratings from other learners

Users can directly book a course by clicking the "Book Course" button. All listings are also linked to the respective training centre for more comprehensive information.

Booking & Payment

Once a user chooses to book, they'll be presented with detailed course information. The "Reserve Your Seat" button facilitates the booking process. Importantly, after booking, the instructor must promptly contact the learner to finalise payment. Immediate communication ensures secure bookings and guarantees attendance.

Creating Accounts

Learners will create their own username and password during booking. This self-registration process saves instructors time, as there's no need for manual data entry.

Additional Features

Users can also explore other functionalities like:

  • Searching for specific instructors
  • Requesting group quotes
  • Finding courses via related e-learning sites

Finding Instructors

If users cannot locate their desired course, the "Find an Instructor" feature allows them to search for qualified instructors within a specific area or even by name.

Maximising Your Course Visibility

ProCourses doesn't only act as a standalone platform. It also channels users to instructors' websites, amplifying potential bookings. Moreover, courses are advertised on relevant e-learning sites to ensure maximum exposure. Regularly updating genuine course listings enhances visibility and booking chances.

Listing Tips

While it's beneficial to have multiple listings, it's vital to ensure they're genuine. Over-listing can dilute credibility. List courses you can genuinely offer and diversify by including different versions like equestrian or forestry adaptations.

Need Assistance?

If you require further guidance or have any queries, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We're here to help!