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The TQUK Level 3 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace course is delivered at our training centre in Colchester, Essex. This course is delivered over 2 days with 1-day pre-course work that is completed using the workbook and course book that we post to you once you book on the course. This qualification is aimed at those working or wishing to work as a supervisor in health and safety in the workplace.

It gives the learner a wide range of skills and knowledge to equip them to confidently undertake health and safety requirements such as risk assessments and to deal competently with consequences arising from incidents that may occur. You do not have to have any existing qualifications to complete this course but to increase your skills we also give you free our level 2 Health and Safety video online course to improve your skills.

This course is designed for supervisors, owners of small businesses, managers or anyone with a responsibility for health and safety in the workplace. Level 3 Health and Safety, equips staff to manage the effects of accidents and incidents. It also focuses on the importance of the health and safety culture of a business, which is an invaluable resource to organisations. Individuals gaining this qualification will gain a wide range of knowledge of health and safety law, the hazards present in a workplace and how to implement effective and necessary controls.

Learners will also be equipped with the skills necessary for the effective supervision of staff. It also focuses on the importance of the health and safety culture of a business, which is an invaluable resource for those taking the qualification.

This qualification will allow approved instructors to deliver level 1 and 2 health and safety, level 2 COSHH and level 2 Risk Assessment regulated qualifications subject to having the appropriate regulated teaching qualifications like the Award in Education and Training level 3 and an appropriate portfolio of evidence. We also include free the regulated level 2 fire safety qualification from TQUK which can also allow approved instructors to deliver the level 1 and 2 fire safety qualifications.

This qualification is applicable to any private or public sector working environment. Individuals working towards this qualification will learn that supervisors and managers have legal and moral obligations to ensure health and safety within a business and that these include obligations to employees, contractors, suppliers and members of the public.

They will also be able to take responsibility for ensuring the competency of the workforce and for identifying hazards, implementing controls and taking appropriate corrective action when necessary. By employing an individual with this qualification, businesses can demonstrate their legal requirement to engage a 'competent person' by having staff trained to this level.

There is an open Response question sheet to complete during the course.

For more information please call ITG on 01206 805380 and you can book online or over the phone.