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Guide to Using Site Widgets

What are Site Widgets?

Widgets are code snippets you embed into your website. Once in place, they pull and display content from our system automatically, with no further intervention required from you.

Benefits of Site Widgets

  • Dynamic Content: From e-learning catalogues, showcasing pet first aid courses, to a 'video of the week' feature.
  • Online Booking: A convenient booking widget for users.
  • Testimonials Display: Show off reviews and feedback from users.
  • SEO Boost: Some widgets can help enhance search engine visibility.

How to Use and Set Up Widgets

To start, login and navigate to 'site widgets' on your dashboard. Here, you can view available widgets and choose the best fit for your site.

Online Course Catalogue

Select the course catalogue to present a list of courses. This widget can be customised to display specific categories, like pet first aid courses. Just select your preferred category, copy the provided code, and embed it in the appropriate section on your website.

Upcoming Courses

This widget lists all the imminent courses. Users can book directly from this list, offering a seamless booking experience. The widget’s size and listing duration can also be adjusted to suit your website's design.

Customer Reviews

Gain trust by displaying customer feedback and star ratings. This widget can be positioned on the homepage or a dedicated reviews page, giving potential customers insights into your services.

Video of the Week

A dynamic feature showcasing a fresh video every week. Search engines value regularly updated content, making this widget an excellent tool for SEO. You can also customise the video category to fit your website's theme.

Benefits of Regular Content Update

Search engines like Google favour websites with continually changing content. Our widgets, especially the 'video of the week', ensure your website stays fresh and up-to-date.

In Conclusion

Integrating our site widgets not only enhances user experience but also improves your site's search engine ranking. They’re simple to use, require minimal maintenance, and are completely free. Enhance your site today by embedding our versatile widgets.