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Pet First Aid and Advanced Pet First Aid Instructor

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ProTraining: Leading the Way in UK's Pet First Aid Training

Why Choose ProTraining?

ProTraining stands unmatched as the UK's foremost authority on pet first aid. We proudly hold the unique distinction of offering blended pet first aid programmes, encompassing a diverse range from Pet First Aid to specialised courses like K-9 First Aid and Security Dog First Aid, endorsed by NASDU.

The Charm of Teaching Pet First Aid

Our pet first aid course isn't just informative – it's engaging and fun to teach. Given the soaring demand for such courses, instructors find it to be not only a rewarding experience but also a lucrative career avenue.

How to Upgrade & Join Us

Becoming a pet first aid instructor with ProTraining is straightforward:

  • Registration: Initiate your journey by giving us a call.
  • Online Coursework: Upon registering and handling the course fees, we'll provide access credentials for your online preparatory work.
  • Classroom Sessions: Post online preparation, join our interactive classroom sessions, where we'll delve into hands-on training of skills acquired online.

Course Completion & Benefits

Once you've meticulously navigated through the course, submitted all necessary paperwork and addressed the open-response queries, you're all set to offer a broad spectrum of ProTraining's Pet courses. However, to offer our advanced Pet First Aid, an additional upgrade, complemented by further open-response questions, is mandated.

Essential Teaching Equipment

We are your one-stop shop for all pet first aid teaching paraphernalia. While the equipment requirements are minimal, comprising mainly of CPR dog mannequins and a select few essentials, the good news is that most tools used in human first aid courses can be repurposed for pet first aid. Any additional items, like specific bandages or mannequins, are readily available with us.

Contact Us

For any further queries or clarifications, please don't hesitate to ring us. We're always eager to assist and guide potential instructors.