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Maximise Your Potential as a ProTrainings Instructor

Your Current Credentials

If you're registered as a ProTrainings instructor, particularly in first aid, you can already deliver our suite of first aid courses. But did you know there's so much more you can offer?

Diversify with ITG

On the ITG instructor side, our affiliate enterprise, we present a myriad of instructor courses encompassing:

  • Mental Health in the Workplace
  • Pet First Aid
  • Health and Safety
  • Food Safety
  • First Responder Training
  • And many more...

Consider broadening your horizons! Your clients trust and value your First Aid training; hence, they'll be keen to procure other services like Health and Safety training from you.

Enhance Your Skills and Profit

Expanding your course offerings will inevitably lead to more inquiries, more sessions, and, ultimately, increased profits. We also dispatch regular notifications detailing upcoming courses to keep you updated.

Unlock the Potential of E-learning

If you come across a course request that you aren't equipped to teach, don't fret! Recommend our e-learning modules. By doing so, you can earn up to 40% on the total invoice value. It's a straightforward means to generate revenue; you'll benefit every time they enrol, and whenever they undertake additional modules. Embracing the e-learning dimension not only supplements your teaching capabilities but also provides a consistent revenue stream.

Contact Us

Keen to delve deeper into e-learning, understand the commission structure, or simply explore upcoming course offerings? Reach out to us. We're here to support you in your journey as a ProTrainings instructor.