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Managing Classrooms

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Guide to Classroom Management on ProTrainings

Navigating the Dashboard

From your admin dashboard, locate the Manage class icon to access and oversee all the classes you've listed on our platform.

Key Features on the Management Page:

  • View a comprehensive list of all your courses.
  • Apply filters by date to view specific courses within a timeframe.
  • Edit classes using the pencil icon.
  • Cancel unattended classes with the delete function.

Editing and Cancelling Classes

After clicking the pencil icon, you will be taken to the original setup page, allowing you to view and modify your class details. If a class remains unbooked, you can choose to cancel it by ticking the respective box and then hitting the delete button. For bulk deletions, use the tick box at the top to select all classes.

Monitoring Student Participation

Clicking on a specific course will reveal a list of all students enrolled. This feature provides a quick overview of attendance, uploaded documentation, exam results, and other relevant information. Use the manage classroom page as your central hub for accessing all classrooms, deleting unused ones, viewing student enrolment, and tracking exam results.

Quick Navigation Tip:

Instead of using your browser's back button, simply click the 'manage classrooms' option on the left to swiftly return to your list of classes.

In Conclusion

The Manage Classroom page on ProTrainings is an intuitive, easy-to-use tool that streamlines your teaching experience, ensuring you can efficiently organise and oversee your classes with minimal hassle.