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How to Access ProTrainings Instructor Resources

Two Ways to Access Documents & PowerPoints

From the admin dashboard, you can effortlessly access instructor documents and PowerPoints tailored to the courses you're authorised to teach with ProTrainings. You have two primary methods:

  • During classroom setup: Here, all essential documents and PowerPoints automatically populate within the classroom, ensuring you have all required resources at hand.
  • Via the Instructor Documents tab: Ideal for preliminary course preparation or if you merely wish to peruse PowerPoints and related materials in advance.

Navigating the Instructor Documents Tab

Located amongst the purple icons atop the admin dashboard, under the 'Classroom Sections', is the Instructor Documents tab. A simple click reveals an organised table filled with essential ProTrainings resources:

  • Topmost Box: Key documents such as the reseller contract for those wishing to vend our online courses (remember to provide your bank details for commission payments), insurance information, skill evaluation forms, and more.
  • Portfolio of Evidence: Conveniently edit or preview your portfolio here.
  • Document Categories: Delve into tabs like 'Regulated Qualifications', 'ProTrainings Qualifications', and 'Marketing Materials' for resources relevant to your teaching endeavours.

Accessing Course PowerPoints

Interested in a specific PowerPoint? Simply select the course of interest and the file will be downloaded directly, showcasing the most recent update date. Bear in mind that these files are protected. To utilise them, drag the file from the downloads folder to your preferred location, such as a memory stick.

In Conclusion

The ProTrainings admin dashboard is designed to provide instructors with quick and efficient access to essential teaching materials, ensuring a seamless teaching experience.