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Welcome to The First Aid Show

About the Show

The First Aid Show is a dynamic online TV series dedicated to exploring the world of first aid, medical subjects, and safety matters. Our episodes dive deep into discussions with medical professionals, reconstruct real-life scenarios, and provide essential advice on accident prevention and injury treatment.

Our Mission

We strive to keep our audience informed and safe. By delivering new stories in digestible short films on a weekly basis, our aim is to be a leading resource for anyone seeking practical guidance in the realm of first aid and safety.

Engage with Us

We encourage interaction! Whether you have queries, personal stories, or just wish to share your perspective, do reach out. We're accessible through telephone, email, and various social media platforms, always eager to address your questions.

Presented by ProTrainings Europe

This exceptional show is brought to you by ProTrainings Europe, renowned as one of Europe's largest providers of first aid, medical, and health & safety training. Their innovative training methods encompass video online, classroom sessions, virtual lessons, blended courses, and hybrid platforms.

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One of the standout features of The First Aid Show is its free accessibility. Subscribe via our official website or your preferred podcast platform. Get comfortable, engage, and expand your knowledge with us.

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Settle in for an enlightening journey into first aid and safety. This is The First Aid Show.