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Guide to the ProTrainings Instructor Dashboard

Overview of the Instructor Dashboard

From your instructor dashboard, the administrative hub, you're empowered to perform a plethora of tasks. This dashboard is pivotal in managing classrooms, creating both standard and reoccurring classes, and much more.

Class Management and Scheduling

Have a recurring pet first aid class on a Friday? Here, you can schedule it for every Friday in the foreseeable future. The dashboard also offers information about class locations. Modify these details or integrate with Google Maps for effortless location sharing, especially if you often use a specific venue.

Resources at Your Fingertips

Your 'Instructor Documents' tab provides access to essential resources like documents, PowerPoints, and other pertinent information tailored to the courses you offer.

Student Management

The student management section is especially handy. Purchase training units, online courses tailored for specific child companies, or for students under your tutelage. Here's also where you'll obtain class credit - your gateway to issuing course certificates.

Class Credits and Purchasing

Upon initial registration, you may have some certificate credits available. Over time, you'll need to top up. Clicking on the buy class credit option - depicted by a piggy bank icon - allows you to purchase varying denominations based on your needs. For ProTraining centres, certificates are typically £5 per person. So, if you're preparing for a 10-person class, consider buying in bulk or obtaining £50 worth of certificate credit plus VAT. The seamless purchasing process ensures it's added to your cart, VAT included, and ready for checkout. You also have the option to save your card details for faster transactions.

Dashboard Icons and Utilities

Returning to the main dashboard, a plethora of icons await:

  • Usage Summary & History: Review purchased online courses and consumed certificates. An automatic training unit refill feature keeps your resources topped up.
  • Site Widgets & E-learning Sites: These aspects will be covered in an upcoming video.
  • Company Management: Tailor the platform to align with your brand by uploading your company logo. Ensure you have a JPEG file saved on your computer, choose the file, and upload. This logo graces your certificates, enhancing brand recognition. If any issues arise with your logo, we're here to assist.

Certification Nuances

When issuing certificates, the name accuracy is paramount. Ensure your students' names start with a capital letter for both first and surnames. While ProTrainings courses can autocorrect lowercase inputs, other platforms like TQUK don't. Also, confirm the names' spelling against provided details to avoid future correction costs.

Misspellings do occur. If they do, contact our support team at Note: any reissued certificate incurs a £5 plus VAT fee. For regulated qualifications with misspelled names, a dedicated form on the dashboard aids in corrections, with replacements priced at £10 plus VAT.

In Conclusion

Our instructor dashboard is a comprehensive tool, designed to streamline your administrative tasks. Regularly review and make the most of its features to enhance your training offerings.