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CellAED Training AED Unit: Practice and Improve Your Skills

The CellAED training AED unit is designed for individuals and organizations to practice using an AED in a safe and controlled environment. It comes with a user-friendly app that simulates various emergency scenarios.

Features of the CellAED Training AED Unit

  • Distinctive colour: Yellow, to avoid confusion with the live red unit.
  • The same casing as the live unit: Familiarize yourself with the actual AED design.
  • Reusable: A button on the end retracts the cord for multiple uses.
  • Easy to clean: Warm soapy water reactivates the stickiness of the pads.

Using the CellAED Training AED Unit

  1. Remove the unit from its casing by peeling the outer layer.
  2. Snap the unit in half and peel off the backing layers.
  3. Place the unit onto a mannequin to practice using the AED.

The CellAED Training App

The free CellAED Training app complements the physical training unit:

  • Control: Manage various emergency scenarios using your mobile phone.
  • Voice commands: The app provides verbal guidance for the user, just like the live unit.
  • Flexible: Suitable for individual practice at home or group training in a classroom.

For more information about the CellAED Training AED unit, feel free to contact us.